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Thank you for considering Saraiki News as your advertising platform. As the world’s first Saraiki language news blog, we offer a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse audience interested in Saraiki culture, news, and global affairs. Our platform provides a targeted and engaging space for your brand to reach a community that values authenticity and cultural richness.

Advertising Opportunities:

  1. Banner Ads:
    • Prominently display your brand with banner advertisements on our homepage and key pages.
  2. Sponsored Content:
    • Feature your content seamlessly within our news articles, providing valuable information to our readers.
  3. Newsletter Sponsorship:
    • Reach our engaged audience through sponsored placements in our newsletters.
  4. Event Sponsorship:
    • Associate your brand with our events, gaining exposure to a captivated audience.

Why Advertise with Saraiki News:

  1. Targeted Audience:
    • Connect with a niche audience interested in Saraiki language, culture, and news.
  2. Global Reach:
    • Reach Saraiki speakers around the world, from regional heartlands to the diaspora.
  3. Cultural Engagement:
    • Associate your brand with authenticity, cultural richness, and community engagement.

How to Advertise:

  1. Contact Us:
    • Reach out to our advertising team at [email protected] to discuss your advertising needs and receive a customized proposal.
  2. Ad Specifications:
    • Once you’ve decided on the type of advertisement, our team will provide you with specifications and guidelines for creating your ad.
  3. Payment and Placement:
    • Confirm your booking by making the payment, and our team will ensure the seamless placement of your advertisement on Saraiki News.

Contact Information:

For advertising inquiries, please contact:

Email: [email protected]

Terms and Conditions:

Please review our Advertising Terms and Conditions for detailed information on policies, guidelines, and requirements.

Note: Saraiki News reserves the right to approve or reject any advertisement based on relevance, appropriateness, and compliance with our values.

Thank you for choosing Saraiki News as your advertising partner. We look forward to helping your brand reach new heights!

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